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Testimonials for Angela Lusk's Psychic Readings

"Angela's link to insights and information have added peace and a wonderful insight to a loving universe. Her communicative abilities are a blessing in my life. I was introduced to Angela eight years ago and her presence in my life is one of my greatest gifts."

Chicago, Illinois

"I have been talking to Angela for something like seven years now--through graduate school, two major relationships, three cities and several jobs--and she has yet to steer me wrong. Her predictions are spookily accurate. Angela distinguishes herself from other psychics through her proclivity for talking about emotions. I can't imagine going through a major turning point in my life without consulting Angela."

San Francisco, California

"I have come to count on Angela to give me solid practical advice and a clear understanding of the issues I am dealing with."

Warmest regards,
Dallas, Texas

"Angela - just wanted to let you know your reading and guidance have helped me achieve great success."

Thank you,
New York, New York

"I am not sure how I was brought to Angela while living in the Boca Raton area many years ago, but I am very blessed to have found her. In the last five years, we have both moved to new locations, but I have continued to call her for her clear, wise and caring advice. She brings you information that you need and want with such detail and understanding that you walk away with such peace and knowledge of all situations you are involved in at the time. Some information given to you will happen months later and you will say, 'Angela said that would happen!.' She is a wise soul and has loving, caring guides and angels supporting her. They are ready and willing to help others when they need her."

Nora Lee Smith
Tampa, Florida

"I am consistently amazed at the level of accuracy and clarity in Angela's readings. Perhaps the thing I enjoy most about a session with Angela is that I feel like I'm listening to an old friend with wonderful insights who helps me navigate the twists and turns of my life. With each reading, she holds the issues of my life so delicately in her hands and offers very direct advice. If there is one thing that immediately puts me at ease during a session with her, it must be her sense of humor. She's bubbly, in a fully Southern sort of way.  While I may not understand the nature of her gift to see into the future, I am thoroughly convinced that it is a gift she is meant to share with others.  Angela is a truly, truly gifted guide!"

Raymond M
Brooklyn, New York

Dear readers,

I am writing this small but very important letter so others may have the opportunity to experience Angela's gift and guidance that has helped me both spiritually and intuitively for so many years.

I met Angela in 1995 when I moved to the Dallas, Texas, area. It was a time in my life of great changes that had me looking for answers to who I was, and what I believed in. During a visit to a small book store where readers provided sessions on the weekends, I found her name on a wall among many others. Not sure why I picked her that day but when I requested a reading she was not available. I asked the store clerk for Angela's phone number and later in the week gave her a call to set up an appointment. We started off with a small conversation that seem to ground me and left me feeling like I had known her for many years. Interestingly, we started our session with ease of mind and I found myself revisiting my soul with an open mind that had developed much tension and confusion. Through many steps in this process she guided me to a place of understanding and acknowledgment that gave me great calm and assurance that my guides and path in life were just at the beginning of understanding a greater meaning of life. 

From that day on and for over a decade, I have always kept Angela close to my soul. She is not a pop question reader who will tell you all about how your past grandmother is doing, but someone who is gifted with the desire to help others help themselves. If you believe in an afterlife and that you as a person feel or know that life's challenges are here and before you for a reason, she is your best earthly guide. Angels are placed among us so that we can fall. Angela Lusk is my Earth Angel for whom I will always keep close to my heart.

Love Always,
Murrieta, California

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