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Frequently Asked Questions of Psychic Angela Lusk

If you’re a psychic, then why haven’t you been able to win the lottery?

Being psychic or intuitive doesn’t mean that you will know everything. It just means that your senses are enhanced. 


Can you talk to my grandmother who is on the other side?

Although I can sometimes get information, or directly connect to someone on the other side, it is not my specialty. If you are looking for that kind of reading, I recommend you locate a medium.


What is the time frame of the information in your readings?

Most people tell me that the information is about a two or three month forecast. But I have had some reports that an event didn’t happen until a year out.


How do you do this over the phone?

I actually don’t have a solid answer for this one. I only know that I am not reading anything physical about a person so they don’t need to be present.


How accurate are you?

I can only gauge this by the feedback I get from my clients.  So based on feedback, I would say somewhere in the range of 80 to 90 percent.  Please keep in mind that nobody is 100% accurate.


I think I would like to get a reading but I’m afraid of what you might say.  Can you give me an idea of what to expect?

The first thing you need to know is that I’m not going to scare you.  Often, people come to me feeling very stressed out or when they are in a painful situation.  Part of what I do is to help you see your situation with new eyes. It is often said that a miracle is nothing more than a change of perception. I believe you change your life when you change the way you perceive it.

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